The Government is planning a reduction of UK MP’s from 650 to 600 in time for the next general election, and is implementing a primary rule that constituencies must have no fewer than 71,031 electors and no more than 78,507.

North West Cambs constituency currently has an electorate of almost 90,000, which has to be reduced. During a similar exercise a few years ago a bonkers proposal was submitted to the effect that some of our NWC rural wards should be subsumed into the marginal Peterborough Constituency to boost the Conservative vote there.

That ill-conceived scenario was summarily dismissed then and rightly not even considered this time.

I’m happy to say the city council’s cross-party 2018 Parliamentary Constituency Boundary Review Working Group agreed to endorse the Boundary Commission’s current proposals for Shailesh’s NWC Constituency, so we will be losing the Peterborough city-centre ward of Fletton and Woodston and the Huntingdonshire ward of Earith to achieve the required amount.

​Chairman - Cllr Peter Hiller

NWCambs Boundary Changes