Cllr David Seaton - Hampton Hargate

I have lived in Hampton Vale for the last 14 years. Previously elected for the Orton  with Hampton Ward, the largest in the City, I stood and was elected for my specific  part of Hampton after the 2016 boundary review. This is the fastest growing area in  Peterborough with Hampton Gardens and Haddon set to add many thousands of homes and families to my responsibilities over the next few year.

I am a local man, hailing from Ramsey, and with most of my relatives still in this  area. I have always lived in Cambridgeshire, and, as a lifelong supporter of The  Posh (my father first taking me along in the 1960's), have always considered the City  to be home.

I started my working life in Cambridge before moving to London for a 'year or two's  experience'. I never escaped and so commuted to the Capital for thirty years.  However it gave me a wide experience of business as I undertook roles in marketing,  communications, finance, operations, procurement, supplier management, business  transformation, process redesign and managing major projects and programmes.

Having moved to Hampton, I was asked in 2008 to stand for the City Council. The  specific Hampton area had issues with a lack of facilities, the problems that go with a  fast growing housing development and school places not meeting demand. I felt I  could make a difference and, for example, Hampton now has the best record in the  City for 'local places for local children', new community facilities, two new leisure  centres, a new library, a skatepark and a swimming pool.  

I have steered the Cities finances through a tough period which has seen reducing government grants and a focus on austerity. Despite these financial restrictions, we have managed to avoid significant cuts to services through innovation and hard work. For example increasing the opening hours for libraries when many elsewhere have closed.

I sit on a number of external bodies including the ESPO Board, Cambridgeshire Pension Committee, Opportunity Peterborough Audit Committee and NPS Property Board.