Cllr Marco Cereste - Hampton Hargate

Marco Cereste is married with 4 children and 4 grandchildren. He has always lived and worked in Peterborough. He went to St Augustine’s School when he was 4 years old, then on to Orton Longueville Secondary Modern and the Regional College, he was a mature student with Loughborough University where he got his degree.   He has several businesses in Peterborough including a Pre School Nursery which has been rated as Outstanding by Ofsted.

Marco is dedicated to and passionate about Peterborough, he has served as Chair of NHS Peterborough, served 15 years as a councillor, 6 of which as leader. He is the Chairman of a local Charity and Community Association and gives a great deal of his time working with local disadvantaged communities.  

He worked in the NHS in Peterborough for 25 years. He has been Chairman of the National NHS Trust Federation, a founder Chairman of the NHS Confederation. Has served as the Conservative lead (Dep. Chair) on the National Cities and Regions Board and much involved in the Devolution Debate.

He is very much a family man and is presently being kept busy by 2 young children and very much enjoying it.