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I am a ward councillor for Stanground South and live in Cardea.  I am originally from Yorkshire. I was in the Army and served in Northern Ireland, where I met my wife Pauline. Having left the Army I joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary in Northern Ireland. On retirement I re-educated myself at the University of Ulster, gaining a BSc HONs Social Psychology and work as an assistant in the hospital theatres of Peterborough City Hospital. Having moved to Peterborough in 2006, I set up home in Cardea. I have two married daughters and three grandchildren.

I have secured the funding to assist in the start up of a new Youth Club in the area and support local sport. The local youths are important and this gives them something to do, and a focuses on their health.

I have been a volunteer for Age UK, RNIB, am the Chair of the local Neighbourhood Watch, Chaired the Fletton, Woodston and Stanground Police Panel and am part of the Cardea Community Sports Association (CCSA).

Cllr Ray Bisby - Stanground South